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About Shaoyang

Shaoyang (simplified Chinese:邵阳; traditional Chinese:邵陽; pinyin: Shàoyáng) is a prefecture-level city in southwestern Hunan province, People's Republic of China, bordering Guangxi to the south. Shaoyang has a history of 2500 years and remains an important commercial and transportation city in Hunan. It has a city area and 8 suburban counties, with a population of 7.6 million, the largest in Hunan province.

One of the major forest areas in Hunan, Shaoyang has a forest coverage of 42.7%. The 23,000,000 acres (93,000 km2) Nan Shan Pastures is one of the biggest in Southern China which provide dairy products and meat for Hunanese.

Shaoyang is home to Shaoyang University. The school is composed of former Shaoyang Normal College and Shaoyang College.

Shaoyang dialect of Lou Shao group of dialects of Xiang is spoken here.

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